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About Sanghpura Fasteners

Variety of Innovative Solutions in fasteners

“Sanghpura fasteners Industry” Is a organization which was established In year 2017 and will commence its production started manufacturing in July 2018. The company is established by a duo of Doctor and Engineer, a combination of this sort is rare and this will help in taking the Company to new and great heights.

75 % of fasteners business is done by un-organized sector but this company has been established to satisfy various needs of This Industry In organized and scientific manner. We will be supplying fasteners to various fields like:- Marine Engineering Cement Industries, Building and Dam Construction, Defense related Industries, space and research organization, Electronic Power Generation Power Grids. Locomotives Railways, Petroleum Industries, Pharmaceuticals, Fertilizers and Automotive Industries.

Our team with hard work and Innovative technology will try to achieve, Which no other fasteners Industry has achieved so far. We will deliver precision quality fasteners, with highly precise and punctual delivery timings. We will try to get all necessary approval in shortest of time.

"Sanghpura fasteners Industry" Specialist in Manufacturing and supply of austenitic stainless steel fasteners products.

Stainless steel is generally little expensive out as a long-term investment. it takes loos up keep and last longer. It is durable, eco-friendly with low maintenance. It is corrosion resistant and has a much longer life span than most other materials. The austenitic stainless steel is non-magnetic and cannot be hardened by heat treatment.

Stainless steel ls corrosion resistant mechanism. The chromium present in the steel combines with oxygen in the atmosphere to form a thin invisible layer of chrome-oxide film. The chromium rich oxide film that forms on the surface of steel is able to with stand corrosion and rust for a much longer period of time Companied to other materials. This passive film has the unique property unavailable in separately applied film of self repair.

Stainless steel offers a remarkable range of strength even in the fully soft condition. The serviceability of stainless steel covers a unique range of temperature, from very cold to very hot as regards both mechanical properties and durability. The austenitic stainless steel cold forming imparts a higher strength than for the original starting and annealing condition. Cold working increases the fatigue strength of the austenitic steel. Sanghpura fasteners industry is committed to quality, which is achieved through the most advanced sophisticated state of the art machineries employed for production and strength quality